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The Patience to Wait

DAY 99

Pastor Hunter Bezet

Scripture: Luke 2:25-35


Today, Pastor Hunter Bezet takes us through the story of Simeon, a man God had promised would meet the Messiah, Jesus Christ. He challenges that sometimes developing the kind of unwavering faith like that of Simeon may take a long time, but we must remember that God will fulfill what He promises.

Just as Simeon spent his life waiting for the Messiah, our own seasons of waiting for God’s fulfillment of promises bring with it opportunities to practice remaining steadfast in our righteousness. Even in the waiting, we can be devoted to staying close to the Lord in such a way that it impacts our families and communities, bringing others closer to Him, as well.

Question: How are you leading others by the example of your daily devotion to God? What would your kids, your friends, or coworkers say if they were asked to describe your character? Would they say you love the Lord?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, I submit my life to You, living for You and You alone. Today, I submit my thoughts, my words, and my actions to you. Let all that I think, say, and do today bring honor and glory to Your Name.

Family Chat: Talk about what has been your favorite thing about Life of Christ and what you would like to learn about in 2021.

Take Action: Step aside and let Jesus live through you today. Let Him lead your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

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