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Our Daily Bread

DAY 55

Pastor Bronson Duke


“Give us today our daily bread.” - Matthew 6:11


Today, Pastor Bronson Duke reminds us that the thing that robs us of peace and rest is when we start wondering whether God will really provide for us what we need.

The daily bread we pray for can be compared to the daily bread that God provided to the nation of Israel, manna in the wilderness. He provided for them every day, and they had to trust Him for their provision—every day.

We face the same challenges today, to trust God every day in our hopes and dreams, in the economy, our careers, and our relationships. He explains that what we worry about shows what we're putting our faith in.

Question: In what area(s) of your life are you striving to find security and peace, but outside of God’s provision?

Family Chat: Discuss with your family how YOU as a parent have relied on the Lord as your security, to take care of your family, even to give you wisdom in parenting.

Take Action: In that area you don’t really believe God will take care of you, picture yourself handing it to God, and rest that He will provide for you.

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