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Gathering to Study & Do the Words of Jesus

Day 5

Marc Turnage


"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

—Matthew 18:20


In today's devotional, Marc breaks down the contextual meaning behind Matthew 18:20, helping us understand the divine importance of gathering together. It is in our coming together to jointly study His wordsto understand them and to do them—that His divine presence is manifested among us!

Question: How will you set aside time today to study the words of Jesus, and who will you study them with?

Family Chat: True or False. Jesus wants us to study his word together as a family. Why?

Take Action: Find two or three people—whether over video or in your own home—that you can study one part of the gospels and the words of Jesus with. Then ask them this question, “How are we going to do this today?”

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