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Forgive Us As We Have Forgiven

DAY 40

Pastor Bronson Duke


“Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” - Matthew 6:12


Pastor Bronson explains that in Jesus’ day, lending practices were so predatory that the borrower could end up enslaved to the person who held their debt. Similarly, when someone wrongs you, they can end up indebted to you.

We can often be afraid that if we let go of things that we legally have the right to hold over someone, that somehow, we’re not going to be able to cover the cost. But forgiveness is not something we must do because it’s right. Forgiveness is something we do because it’s who we are as Christians.

When we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, we can forgive people we never thought we could forgive. Why? Because we don’t forgive out of our lack, but out of the abundance of God’s grace.

Question: How often have you sinned against God or grieved Him? Has He forgiven you? Can you extend that same forgiveness to others like God has extended it to you?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, please forgive me for trying to get even. Forgive me for striving to control and manipulate my life, my family, and my relationships to keep from getting hurt. I choose to receive Your forgiveness and extend this same forgiveness to those who have hurt me, even if they never make it right.

Family Chat: Ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart and show you anyone you need to forgive.

Take Action: What is your next step? Talk it over with your life group or accountability partner.

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