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Blessed Are The Merciful

DAY 61

Pastor Marcus & Brook Brown


Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. - Matthew 5:7


This week, Pastor Marcus and Brook Brown encourage us with this passage of Scripture, where Jesus is telling us two things. First, when you are merciful, you are going to be happy! Joy comes to you when you show mercy to others, when you remember that you’ve been shown mercy in the past, and you keep in mind that you will probably need it again in the future! You are blessed when you show mercy.

As God had a smile on His face when He was pouring out love, grace, and mercy on us,

keep a smile on your face when you’re extending love, grace, and mercy to others. The Word of God reminds us that, “It is the glory of man to overlook an offense.”

Question: As you have walked through the Life of Christ, has there been someone in your life that you have thought about forgiving and showing mercy, but you haven't come to grips with it yet?

Family Chat: Talk with your kids through some examples of what "being merciful" looks like in your relationships with friends and family.

Take Action: There will likely be someone in your life this week that the Holy Spirit will impress on you about. Don’t hang them; hang onto them! Give them a second chance because God has given you a second chance. Continue to take the issue to God and pray about what God says about being merciful. Let God bless you in this area!

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