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These videos are to assist current life group leaders with navigating the life group system, Fellowship One. For further assistance with your Fellowship One account, contact us and we will be happy to help.

1. Create an Account


Starting your account with InFellowship as a life group leader, coach, or pastor.

2. Update Your Profile


Edit your personal settings within your InFellowship account.

3. Manage Privacy Settings


Change what people can see about your InFellowship profile according to their relationship to you.

4. Adding Life Group Details


Fill in your life group shell with details your members will need to know about your group (i.e. times, location, content).

5. Life Group Sign-Ups at Launch


This is the process of how people will sign up for your life group at Life Group Launch at your campus.

6. Joining a Life Group

This is the process of how people will sign up for your life group online from the website away from Life Group Launch.

7. Managing Prospects


Know how to accept someone's invitation after they request to be a part of your group through InFellowship.

8. Communicating and Rosters


Understand prospects and members in your group and communicate with them through your InFellowship account.

9. Taking Attendance


After each meeting with your life group, take attendance through InFellowship.

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